Cyanic is a new entrepreneurial initiative that looks to the future without fear, with the desire and enthusiasm to actively participate in the market shifts and trends by making the most of the agility of a medium-sized company that can quickly enter new market niches,  to exploit new opportunity and at the same time to offer itself as a commercial channel for its brands and/or those of other companies. With two owned brands and several brands in distribution, we can provide a comprehensive solution for connectivity and accessories in all categories, gaming products and most recently fitness and wellness devices.


New technologies, new products, new sales channels and new ways of reaching the consumer, such as social networks and consequently the new way of doing marketing, are the indispensable ingredients for growing and developing new business. The almost direct interaction with the customer and the intuition of his needs and desires will be our goal to facilitate the development of our future products and partnerships.

In an everchanging market that is quickly evolving, we believe that some of the key features that distinguish us are flexibility and the experience in anticipating trends so that we can be able to offer the broadest range of products that will fulfill our client needs.