HDMI™ Extender over CAT 5e/6 ethernet cable, HDCP compliant




HDMI™ Extender using network cables

With the HDMI Extender, the high definition audio/video signal (1080i-1080p) of an HDMI source can be relayed to a TV/LCD monitor or Projector placed at a cable length of up to 30 m (max 1080i) or 50 m (max 1080p) distance.

A key advantage of this unit is that it can allow transmission of the signal over network cables (CAT 5e/6), which are installed more easily or in customized lengths compared to ready-terminated HDMI cables. Compatible with 3D content

The pack includes:

  • HDMI Extender CAT6 Sender
  • HDMI Extender CAT6 Receiver
  • Supports DDC and HDCP
  • DC 5V power adapter
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